St.Petersburg in WinterSt.Petersburg in Winter
St.Petersburg - city for all seasons. Enjoy winter St.Petersburg. Winter carnivals with traditional Russian food and drinks, brilliant Opera and Ballet premiers, dazzling balls at the city palaces - these are features of Winter St.Petersburg.
Russian Winter Entertainment Through History
At the early 18th century and the end of the 19th century St.Petersburg winter life bustled with public entertainment. Colorful masquerades, outdoor parties in the suburban residences, carnivals, gorgeous sleighs processions, imperial balls in the chamber of the palaces impressed with their pomp and boisterous spirit. Nowhere in Russia were winter seasons more majestic than St.Petersburg.

Today, traditions of celebrating New Year, Christmas and Maslenitsa (Russian Carnival) come alive, welcoming all the world to share them in the banks of the Neva river and enjoy other events of cultural, sporting and social life in Winter Saint-Petersburg.

Nearly three centuries ago, among boundless expanses of snow and desolate dark woods, a new capital of the Russian state sprang up on the banks of the majestic Neva. It was here, in Saint-Petersburg, that the glorious traditions of the Russian Empire were formed. Imposing palaces arose among the snowy wilderness, and soon they were bustling with life.

The Tsars` Ball - Reviving Traditions
Over two centuries, a beautiful ceremony developed at the Imperial Court, only to be forgotten following the revolution of 1917. But now, at the beginning of the new millenium, our traditions are returning, and once again we have the chance to take part in this remarkable fete.

It is only in Saint-Petersburg that the glorious Russian and truly majestic spirit of the bygone era of the Tsars can be experienced. It was only quite recently, in historical terms, that the Russian Tsars lived in the Catherine`s Palace - their summer residence - and the balls, receptions and celebrations that were held there astounded the world.

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