Designing the Tsar`s Ball

Decorating The Palace Decorating The Palace
The work begins under the supervision of Potel & Chabot`s Executive Chef in Saint-Petersburg. The products are carefully selected and prepared while the head waiters polish the silver.

In the St. Catherine`s Palace, it takes three days to decorate the ballroom from the time the equipment is installed untie the candles are lit. Fabric, ribbons and other materials are trucked in from Paris.

Ice FiguresIce Figures
Outside, Patrick Roger de Campagnolie has been brought in from Potel & Chabot Parit to create the ice sculpture. A Russian assistant makes the blocks of ice in which the caviar will be served (ice-figures).The lights are reflected in the ice sculpture.

The ice sculptor displays his short- lived masterpiece, while the head waiters attend a final briefing. Inside the Palace , the head waiters are setting the chairs, which will then be decorated one by one.

Champaign and Music Champaign and Music
The wine steward prepares his bottles: French wines, Russian vodka and of course, the finest champagne! In the wings, the musicians from the Tsar`s guard, in period costume, who will greet the 250 guests when they arrive, are doing a final rehearsal. At 9 P.M. dinner begins...

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