Catherine`s Palace

Birth of The PalaceBirth of The Palace
The Catherine`s Palace, in Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo), ranks as one of the masterpieces of the world architecture and art. First build by Braunstein, it has been given in 1710 by Peter the Great to his wife Catherine.

Bartolomeo Rastrelli`s BaroqueBartolomeo Rastrelli`s Baroque
Later on, it has been enlarged and modified following the exquisite baroque style
of the famous Italian designer Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

Imperial Residence Imperial Residence
Until the Revolution, the Catherine`s Palace "was used as the summer residence of the Imperial family". Its grandiose lurquoise, while and gold facade stretches 978 feet. And its most spacious room, the Great Hall, covers 860 square meters. The park enhances the splendour of the Palace with its charming pavilious such as the Grollo pavilion, the Hermitage and the Chinese Pagoda.

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