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12 October 2018 (Fri), 19:00 State Classical Circus of St. Petersburg (established 1827) - The Chinizelli circus - Show A ball at Chinizelli or 1001 Cinderellas (classical circus performance)

Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes (till 21:20)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for A ball at Chinizelli or 1001 Cinderellas (classical circus performance) 2020

Director: Gia Eradze
Circus company: Royal Circus of Gia Eradze

Circus Show in 2 act

Premiere of this production: 18 December 2015, State Classical Circus, St. Petersburg, Russia

Great Saint-Petersburg Circus returns not only with updated interiors, but also with the returned name of Gaetano Chiniselli, an outstanding artist and entrepreneur, from whom the history of the Russian Circus has started. One of the finest traditions of the Chiniselli's century were Christmas carnival performances. Therefore, the newly-opened Circus invites audiences on a solemn festive program full of incredible surprises.

Participants of a circus ball are leading masters of clowning from all over the world, magical Pegasus, glittering mirror balls and crystal chandeliers, and the carriage drawn by white pigeons. A feast for the eyes, but with the circus effects and with the participation of different adorable children living creatures, from horses to parrots ... Immersed in the splendor of this circus, guests are guaranteed to experience a fantastic emotions. The magical world of "1001 Cinderella" created by "Royal Circus Gia Eradze." Great Saint-Petersburg Circus has invited the brilliant stars of the award-winning troupe, recognized as the "Best Show of the Year" at the International Circus Festival "Master".

Top artists will demonstrate the amazing ability of animals in a program: royal mastiffs, black and white pigeons, crows and black horse with the wings. Power acrobats, aerialists and equilibrists will perform a difficult tricks. Fairy tale characters will be played by unusual for a circus clowns.

French clown Julien Cotter will play the role of the Prince. He studied pantomime in Paris and then ended the school of Cirque du Soleil. He knows how to captivate every child who came to the circus in his world of the imagination, how to turn tragic occasion to laughter. He was awarded one of the most prestigious awards in France - Moliиre Award.

One of the most famous clown of Europe - Laura Herts will be participating in the show. There are a few women in the world who have achieved great success in clowning, and Laura Herz - one of them.

One of the sisters of Cinderella will be played by the audience favorite clown George Deliev, creator of "Mask Show". A man with a wonderful sense of humor, he makes every meeting with him in a real holiday.

Clown Nikolai Terentiev, the legendary "Licedei" is playing Stepmother. He plays Stepmother not only funny, but also very touching in her unsuccessful effort to enter the royal family together with her daughters.

Cinderella will be performed by a young dancer Alice Oleinik, which due to her small stature and golden curls looks like a fairy-tale Cinderella, even in a real life.


Schedule for A ball at Chinizelli or 1001 Cinderellas (classical circus performance) 2020

Show "A ball at Chinizelli or 1001 Cinderellas" at Circus on Fontanka
About This Video
State Classical Circus on Fontanka, St.-Petersburg, Russia.
Premiere of this production: 18 December 2015

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