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26 December 2017 (Tue), 20:00 Maestro Yury Temirkanov Grand Philharmonic Hall (established 1802) - Concert Eugen Doga. To the 80th anniversary of the composer

Schedule for Eugen Doga. To the 80th anniversary of the composer 2019/2020

Orchestra: The St.Petersburg Symphony Orchestra

Eugen Doga is a Moldovan composer.

He writes music in all kinds of genres and styles, which makes him one of the most prolific and versatile composers. He has his own easily recognizable style. A creator of three ballets "Luceafărul”, “Venancia”, “Queen Margot”, the opera “Dialogues of Love”, more than 100 instrumental and choral works – symphonies, 6 quartets, “Requiem”, church music, and other, plus music for 13 plays, radio shows, more than 200 movies, more than 260 songs and romances, more than 70 waltzes; he is also the author of works for children, the music for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in 1980 in Moscow.

He is considered a genius and one of the most romantic composers; he is also included on the list of the twenty best and most frequently performed composers of the twentieth century.

In Moldova, the years 2007 and 2017 (when the composer celebrated his 70th and 80t birthdays, respectively) were declared the Year of Eugen Doga. Chișinău's main pedestrianised thoroughfare has been named Eugen Doga Street in his honour.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva) in recognition of his outstanding achievements in music awarded him with a special certificate in 2007.


Prizes and awards

Stamp of Moldova awarded to Eugen Doga
  • Member of the Union of Composers of Moldova (1961) and the USSR (1974).
  • Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR (1975).
  • Honored Artist of the Moldavian SSR (1974).
  • Laureate of the State Prize of the Moldavian SSR (1980).
  • People's Artist of Moldova (1984).
  • Laureate of the USSR State Prize for the music for the "Luceafărul" ballet and music for motion pictures (1984).
  • People's Artist of the USSR (1987).
  • Member of Academy of Sciences of Moldova (1992)
  • Officer of the Order of the Republic (Moldova) - 1997.
  • Officer of the Order of the Star of Romania (2000).
  • Recipient of the gold medal "Person-2000" (USA).
  • Recipient of the jubilee medal and a diploma in honor of the 150th birth anniversary of Mihai Eminescu "For prominent contribution to the propaganda of the poet’s creative work" (2000).
  • Recipient of the "Ovation" prize (2001), "Ovation" (2007).
  • He was awarded the Order of the Star of Romania – Commander's grade (2004).
  • Beanie Master International festival of arts "Master Class" (2004).
  • He was awarded the Order "For Services to the Fatherland», IV grade (January 10, 2008) – for prominent contribution to the development of music and many years of creative work.
  • He was awarded the Order of the Republic of Moldova (2007).
  • Recipient of the "Danaker" Order, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (2007).
  • Award "Commonwealth" (2007).
  • Award "Beacons Of The Motherland" (2007).
  • The order of the Ruby cross "Sacred power" (2007).
  • He is an honorary citizen of Chișinău.
  • A music school was named after him "Eugen Doga".
  • In Moldova, the year 2007 (when the composer celebrated his 70th birthday) was declared the Year of Eugen Doga.
  • Chișinău's main pedestrianised thoroughfare has been named Eugen Doga Street in his honour.
  • The World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva) in recognition of his outstanding achievements in music awarded him with a special certificate.
  • Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Moldova – 2008.
  • Order "For the good of the Fatherland", Russia, 2008.
  • Eugen Doga was awarded the "Order of Faithful Service" of Romania, 2014.
  • The minor planet 10504 Doga (1987 UF5), discovered by Lyudmila Zhuravlyova was named after Eugen Doga.
  • The "Golden Knight" prize for the music for “Ash Waltz" motion picture (2011)
  • The year 2017, when the composer celebrated his 80th anniversary, was declared the Year of Eugen Doga in Moldova

26 December 2017 Tue, 20:00 - Eugen Doga. To the 80th anniversary of the composer (Concert) - Maestro Yury Temirkanov Grand Philharmonic Hall (established 1802)The Orchestra was formed in 1931, when radio was experiencing its boom, as the Leningrad Radio Orchestra. Most of the broadcasts were live, so from the very first, the musicians had to master a complex and vast repertoire. The war period became a legendary part of the Orchestra‘s history. The Orchestra was the only one to stay and perform in the besieged city of Leningrad . Its activities culminated in the performance of Shostakovich‘s Seventh Symphony on the 9-th of August 1942 - the day the Nazis planned to enter the captured city. The Orchestra‘s work during the siege became a unique monument to the irrepressible dignity of the human spirit.

After WW II, although the orchestra still worked for the radio, its live concert appearances became more and more frequent, so it was quite natural that it became part of the Leningrad Philharmonia. The Great Philharmonic Hall has been its main venue ever since. The Orchestra prepared many new programs, participated in Philharmonic subscriptions. At the same time it preserved the generic features characteristic of a radio orchestra: ability to play at sight, sensitivity and quick reaction to conductor‘s intent. During this period, the Orchestra was headed by N.Rabinovitch (1953-1960) and A.Yansons (1961-1968).

A new period in the Orchestra‘s life started in 1968 when young Yuri Temirkanov was appointed its Chief Conductor. Temirkanov who had just won the All-Union Conducting Competition was already acknowledged and loved by the Leningrad audience. He enlarged the repertoire and introduced new interpretation of classical music. The orchestra started touring abroad: first Scandinavian countries, then Europe , Japan and the USA . Its high artistic level was noted by critics. "Leningrad deserves two great orchestras, and it does have them", - newspapers wrote.

The St.Petersburg Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra)

In 1977, when Temirkanov left the Orchestra for the Mariinsky Theater, the post of Chief Conductor was assumed by Alexander Dmitriev - Rabinovich‘s pupil, a worthy inheritor of the Leningrad/St.-Petersburg conducting school traditions. His creative collaboration with the orchestra which has lasted for over two decades has proven to be extremely fruitful. The programs they prepared together included compositions that had never been performed in St.Petersburg before - Handel‘s Oratorio "The Power of Music", Mahler‘s Eighth Symphony, Preliminary Action by Scriabin-Nemtin, Debussy‘s "Pelleas et Melisande", Zemlinsky‘s "Undina" and many others. These programs were acknowledged by critics and obtained the recognition of the audience.

In 1985 the Orchestra received the honorary title of Academic for its great contribution to the national performing arts.

At present it is one of the leading symphony orchestras of Russia . Its playing is noted for its wonderful sense of ensemble and unique individualities of the leaders and soloists. The Orchestra copes easily with new repertoire and feels equally confident when playing music of varying epochs and styles.

The Orchestra successfully tours abroad and participates in the international festivals held in St.Petersburg including such festivals as Arts Square , The Stars of White Nights, Musical Spring, Christmas Meeting in Northern Palmyra , Musical Olympus etc. The Orchestra participated in the Second International Rostropovich Cellists‘ Congress and appeared in the gala concert dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Yu.Temirkanov‘s birth.

Since its conception the Orchestra has been an active advocate of modern music. Its programmers constantly include works by R.Schedrin, A.Petrov, S.Slonimsky, B.Tischenko, G.Ustvolskaya, Yu.Falik and many others.

Prominent Russian and Western conductors such as K. Eliasberg, M. Sargent, K. Mazur, K. Osetrreicher, P. Argento, D. Barbirolli, O. Frid, G. Sebastian, E. Mravinsky, E. Svetlanov, B. Khaikin, I. Mousin, G. Rozhdestvensky, D. Kitaenko, A. Lazarev, P. Kletzki, L. Maazel, L. Segerstam, R. Benzi, Y.- P. Tortelier, M. Rostropovich, V. Gergiev, V. Sinaisky, M. Yansons etc., have worked with the Orchestra.

Working with different conductors‘ individualities and facing the continuous expansion of the repertoire made the Orchestra mobile and flexible, so it obtained its unique image in a short time.

The orchestra’s history is marked with great soloists’ names, including S.Richter, E.Gilels, D.Oistrach, L.Kogan, V.Cliburn, I.Stern, A.Fischer, I.Menuhin, P.Furnier, L.Marshall, G.Sokolov, E.Virssaladze, N.Gutman, V.Tretyakov, R.Kerer, Yu.Bashmet, B.Pergamenshchikov etc.

The 75th anniversary of the Orchestra is the time of its artistic maturity with renowned traditions in the past and challenging perspectives on the future.

International recognition: press reviews about tours of the St.Petersburg Academic Symphony Orchestra worldwide


Alexander Dmitriev
Artistic director and Chief conductor

Vladimir Altschuler

First violins

Honoured artist of Russia Shustin A.E.
Gentzelt V.E.
Noskov Z.D.
Sayfutdinova I.E.
Krasilschikova A.D.
Svyatlovsky A.G.
Konovalova O.P.
Dogadina L.G.
Osipov L.A.
Tomilova Y.A.
Klychkov Y.L.
Romanova I.G.
Leybenkraft L.K.
Vasilieva V.B.
Arkhimandritov I.B.
Laureate of International competition Krutik M.S.
Laureate of International competition Zubova A.D.


Second violins

Honoured artist of Russia Liskovich A.N.
Lisnyak V.D.
Velkov Z.Z.
Sysoeva L.N.
Stetskaya N.A.
Kuzovkova G.I.
Sheykina N.V.
Kotov Y.V.
Lugovkina N.N.
Rakov M.Y.
Kapustina O.V.
Velkova Z.Z.
Shalaev F.F.
Grikurov V.V.

Bass Clarinet

Bolshianov A.Y.


Gutkin M.N.


Laureate of All-Russian and International competitions Birk N.E.
Mikhaylov M.P.
Honoured artist of Russia Yriev B.V.


Kunyavsky A.M.
Laureate of All-Russian Competition Krasnik D.M.
Golm N.A.


Honoured artist of Russia Pechatin S.V.
Volkov L.I.
Belisov S.V.
Shirokov P.A.
Tikhonov O.A.
Kovarsky S.A.
Gerasimov M.L.
Novikov S.L.
Kartashov I.B.
Zelikova N.N.
Lev A.E.


Honoured artist of Russia Meerovich D.G.
Sokolov M.V.
Volkind J.R.
Alexandrov R.Y.
Shapiro N.T.
Zarubin S.V.
Byaly G.A.
Bereznev I.A
Chernyshov M.V.
Bogorad A.P.
Ovsyannikov Y.S.
Efimov I.


Laureate of All-Russian Competition Mikaelyan A.G.
Laureate of All-Union and All-Russian Competitions Grokhovsky I.G.
Honoured artist of Russia Sukhorukov A.K.
Laureate of All-Russian Competition Mokshin V.V.

Mikhaylov A.

Timpani and Percussion

Kanatov V.K.
Fedorov T.A.
Fedorov A.S.
Ryzhov N.V.
Lestov M.V.


Laureate of All-Union competition Tses A.G.
Ivanov S.I.
Shrednik E.V.


Lestov V.P.
Zelikov A.V.
Antonyk D.N.

English Horn

Nikitin V.V.


Simeon E.
Laureate of All-Union competition Kravchik I.V.


Honoured artist of Russia Fedorov A.V.
Alexeev M.B.
Rakov R.

Stage Technicians

Chinakaev R.M.
Remizov A.A.
Stepanov V.I.

Piano and glockenspiel

Mazhara N.Y.


Zaytsev A.M.


Shtadel A.R.


Gutkin M.N.


Malinov V.S.
Rybakov T.L.
Shamshuro N.N.
Makhauri E.I.
Ivaschenko A.L.
Karlov I.V.
Gogitidze P.G.
Dmitriev S.V.


Honoured artist of Russia Suleymanov R.Kh.
Laureat of Inernational Competition Sechkareva N.E.

Markul M.D.
Jasenovich A.P.
The St.Petersburg Symphony Orchestra

Schedule for Eugen Doga. To the 80th anniversary of the composer 2019/2020

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