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01 January 2022 (Sat), 19:00 Alexandrinsky Imperial Ballet Theatre (established 1756) - Tours of L. Yakobson Ballet Theatre Classical Ballet Peter Tchaikovsky "Nutcracker" (Ballet in 2 Acts)

Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes (till 21:10)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for Peter Tchaikovsky "Nutcracker" (Ballet in 2 Acts) 2022

Composer: Peter Tchaikovsky

Classical Ballet in 2 act

Music: Pyotr Tchaikovsky


On Christmas Eve, guests are gathering in the beautiful house of Dr. Stahlbaum. Adults are followed by girls and boys.

Act I

The children of Dr. Stahlbaum, Masha and Fritz, like other children, are eagerly awaiting gifts. The last of the guests is Drosselmeyer. Its ability to revive toys not only amuses children, but also scares them. Drosselmeyer takes off the mask. Masha and Fritz recognize their beloved godfather.

Masha wants to play with dolls, but with chagrin she finds out that they are all cleaned. To reassure the girl, the godfather gives her the Nutcracker. The doll’s strange expression amuses her. The naughty and mischievous Fritz accidentally breaks the doll. Masha is upset. But the godfather is repairing the doll. Masha is happy. She puts her favorite doll to sleep.

The holiday ends, and the guests dance the traditional Grosfater dance, after which everyone goes home. The night is coming. The room in which the tree is located is filled with moonlight. Masha returns, she hugs the Nutcracker. And then suddenly mice appear led by the Mouse King. The brave Nutcracker is fighting.

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King meet in a deadly battle. Masha sees that the army of mice exceeds the strength of the Nutcracker. In desperation, she takes off her shoe and with all its might throws it at the Mouse King. He is scared, and at that moment the Nutcracker deals a victorious blow with his sword.

The Nutcracker won!

Suddenly, the face of the Nutcracker begins to change. He ceases to be an ugly doll and turns into a beautiful Prince. Masha and the Prince are together, and snowflakes are spinning around.

Act II
Masha and the Prince admire the beauty of the starry sky. Everyone is dancing and having fun, celebrating a victory over the mouse army.

Spanish, Indian and Chinese dolls thank Masha for saving their life. Beautiful fairies and pages dance around.

Everyone is preparing for the royal wedding of Masha and the Prince. Masha wakes up. The Nutcracker is still in her hands. She is in a familiar room. Alas, it was just a fabulous dream ...

Schedule for Peter Tchaikovsky "Nutcracker" (Ballet in 2 Acts) 2022

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