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02 August 2019 (Fri), 20:00 Youth House on Vasilyevsky Island - Show The Grandiose Folk show "Russia in Fairytales" at the Youth House on Vasilyevsky Island

Running time: 1 hour 50 minutes (till 21:50)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for The Grandiose Folk show "Russia in Fairytales" at the Youth House on Vasilyevsky Island 2022

Folk show in 2 act

The National Folklore Show "Russia in Fairy Tales" in the Youth House gives an opportunity to enjoy high performance skills: at the same time, Russians experience a rush of national pride, and foreign guests admire the mysterious Russian soul. The services we provide are interesting for Russian citizens and foreign tourists alike.

Folklore show "Russia In Fairytales"

In the program:

A bright, spectacular show in the best traditions of Russian culture - the audience is immersed in the atmosphere of the holiday, an extravaganza of fiery dances. A virtuoso performance, a whirlwind of emotions, colourful costumes, temperament and artistry of the show participants will all leave a bright and unforgettable impression. The audience will not only see the variety of Russian dances but also reveal the secret of the mysterious Russian soul for themselves.

The show consists of 2 offices for 45 minutes with 1 intermission. In the program - Russian folk dances, songs, interactive with the audience. In the interval, each spectator will be offered a buffet table to choose from.


Folklore show will be performed by artists:

State Ensemble of Song and Dance "Barynya"

State Ensemble of Song and Dance "White Nights"

State Cossack ensemble of dance "Rus"

which preserve the traditions of Russian folk dance art.


Ensembles were applauded by spectators from England, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Italy, China, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, USA, Turkey, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Estonia.

The folklore show "Russia in FairyTales" is a bright, professional collective embodying the traditions of folk dance art, an example of the continuity of generations of a creative dynasty.

In the repertoire of the collective, there are dances of Stavropol, Don, Volgograd, Kuban Cossacks, as well as Cossack songs from different regions, lyrical dances of the Russian North, incendiary dances of Voronezh and Don Cossacks, subtle humor of choreographic miniatures of the Urals and Siberia, and of course delicious tricks.


Buffet table "Russian style" (served during the 20 minutes interval) includes:


-vol-au-vent* with roe (salmon, trout)

-vol-au-vent with rabbit liver with port wine

-vol-au-vent with cream cheese with mushrooms

* Vol-au-vent - a small round case of puff pastry filled with a savory mixture, typically of meat or fish in a richly flavoured sauce


-a glass of Russian Vodka

-a glass of champagne

-mineral water


Dress Code for Folk Show: There is no Dress Code for the Show. Formal wear is not necessary, casual wear and jeans are OK. 


Schedule for The Grandiose Folk show "Russia in Fairytales" at the Youth House on Vasilyevsky Island 2022

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