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Opera THE MERRY WIDOW Operetta in two acts by Franz Lehar
Russian Classical Ballet Palace theatre

Running time: 2 hours 15 minutes

Schedule for THE MERRY WIDOW Operetta in two acts by Franz Lehar 2021

Orchestra: St. Petersburg Radio & TV Symphony Orchestra

Operetta in two acts by Franz Lehar
Performs in russian language
based on the play by Henri Meilhac "The Embassy Attache"
Libretto by Viktor Leon and Leo Stein
Directed by National artist of Hungarian Republic Miklos Szinetar

Edited by — Istvan Kallai
Russian text — Sergey Volskiy
Lyrics — Sergey Volskiy, Vladimir Mass and Mikhail Chervinsky
Musical leader and conductor — honoured artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev
Set design by — national artist of Hungarian Republic Miklos Fehir
Costume designer — Fanni Kamenes (Hungary)
Ballet master — Laszlo Petho (Hungary)
Chorus master — Alexey Nefedov
Conductor — Piter Gut (Austria)

Opening night took place on 5th of November 2006.
Small republic Monteverdo is in danger. Its gold reserves equal twenty millions belong to young widow Hanna Glawari and if she marries foreigner – Monteverdo will become bankrupt. Around this “disquieting” circumstance happen events of the clever operetta by Lehar “The Merry widow”. So, it’s necessary to guard the widow from foreigner admirers to safe her millions from becoming in new marriage the possession of other state. Mission of rescue of Motherland is given to the ambassador of the republic in Paris – baron Zetta. When man got to know about Hanna’s millions they just go mad – all of them consider themselves as candidates to her hand. And appearance of Hanna inflames their passions even more. And while everybody makes plans, thinking out how to seduce this rich beauty, she meets the man of her life – charming, courageous, ironic and not wishing to marry millions – he wants to marry for love. From operetta “Merry widow” which was first time staged on 20th of December 1902 in “Theatre an der Vin” began the world fame of Franz Lehar. Today it’s not possible to imagine repertoire of musical theatres without it. It is one of the most performable creature of the great composer. In this operetta there beautiful melodies which are often heard even in performances of the world best opera singers. Wonderful Russian composer S.V. Rahmaninov after watching in his time in Paris this operetta was delighted and acknowledged composition as genius.

Characters and Performers:
Hanna Glawari — 
Alina Alekseeva
honoured actress of Russia
Count Danilo — 
Alexander Bayron
honoured artist of Russia,
laureate of "Golden sofit" award
Baron Zeta, ambassador — 
Valery Matveev
national artist of Russia
Valentina, his wife — 
Natalia Savchenko
laureate of International competition
Camille de Rossilione — 
Sergey Braga
laureate of International competition
Negush — 
Eugeny Tilicheev
honoured artist of Russia
Cascada — 
Anton Oleynikov
honoured artist of Russia,
laureate of "Golden sofit" award
Sain-Briosh — 
Dmitry Petrov
Hromov — 
Albert Pankov
national artist of Russia
Olga, his wife — 
Olga Lozovaya
honoured actress of Russia
Militza — 
Marina Ulanova
honoured actress of Russia
Bogdanovich — 
Alexander Shaporov
Silvia — 
Elena Kritskaya
laureate of International competition
Husband of Militza — 
Georgy Garyaev

Schedule for THE MERRY WIDOW Operetta in two acts by Franz Lehar 2021

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