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19 October 2019 (Sat), 17:00 State Classical Circus of St. Petersburg (established 1827) - The Chinizelli circus - Show Circus show “Prince of the Circus”

Running time: 2 hours 40 minutes (till 19:40)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for Circus show “Prince of the Circus” 2020

Show in 2 act

Premiere of this production: 27 September 2019, State Classical Circus of St. Petersburg

A whole constellation of talented artists of various genres will gather in the Circus on Fontanka and present the audience a breathtaking show, filled with bright colors of modern technologies and mysteries of the true magic of the circus, as well as a demonstration of phenomenal abilities of artists and skill of trained exotic animals.

The new production by the director Ruslan Ganeev is a synthesis of water and light, incredible scenery and spectacular acts. The unique show program will delight you with stunning circus acts, colorful decoration and author’s musical accompaniment. The abundance of ethnic instruments in the synthesis with electronic technologies will meet all current trends.

The exclusive circus performance – “Prince of the Circus” – is a circus extravaganza that combines modern technologies, a whirlpool of light and sound and a grand fountain show…

The inspiration for the director Ruslan Ganeev was one of the most beautiful cities in the world – the pompous St. Petersburg, a considerable proportion of the greatness of which is architectural and sculptural masterpieces of art. Traveling around St. Petersburg, the director repeatedly noted its architectural frills, making them the main elements of the premiere show “Prince of the Circus”.

Famous monuments of Baroque art – fountain ensembles – are an integral element of the architecture and culture of the Northern Capital of Russia. Forming the image of the city, they have the richest history and great cultural significance. At the time when the legendary fountains in Peterhof had already completed their working season, a new achievement of fountain art first appeared at the area of the Circus on Fontanka. A 20-meter water cascade – one of the wonders of the circus which currently has no analogue in Russia – will surprise spectators and visitors throughout the fall.

Royal majestic lions are represented in St. Petersburg with an enviable variety of shapes and sizes. They invariably attracted citizens and guests not only with their appearance, but also with the numerous stories and events connected with them. They always felt free among people, as if watching the busy life of the capital’s aristocracy. Living in Foggy Albion, graceful and many-faced sculptures of lions, despite vagaries of the changing weather of St. Petersburg, formed the basis of the plot of this St. Petersburg story - “Prince of the Circus”.

The masquerade ball “Prince of the Circus” will begin in the ceremonial hall, in which noble persons will demonstrate their skills. Guests of the gala night will choose the worthiest of noble ones, who will be given the proud title of “Prince of the Circus”. The ball program includes: the impeccable gymnast on the mast, Aleksandr Pozdnyakov, the most awarded acrobats on cycling bikes in Russia – directed by Evgeniy Zalesskiy, the well-loved charming parrot trainers Aleksandr and Darya Onoprienko with the act of “Lyra”, the innovative act of the solo-juggler Igor Zhigalov, the unique equilibrist Elena Myalitsyna, Filipp Patskevich’s exemplary group jugglers and the incomparable aerial gymnast Milena Sidorenko, the colorful woman-antipodist with umbrellas Evgeniya Goncharova, as well as famous perche acrobats directed by Roman Markin, exotic hula-hoops by Maria Chaplyun, and the rising star of the arena Timur Goncharov with the premier aerial act on straps.

The culmination of the Princes’ Ball will be a breathtaking spectacular act with African lions by the owner of the silver clown of the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, the Honored Artist of Ukraine Vladislav Goncharov, who will appear in a brilliant image of the Lord. In the production, in addition to African cats, the spectator will also be able to see amazing abilities of sea lions directed by Lyudmila Chugunova. The appearance of two species of sea and land cats at the arena will be a real surprise.

So, who is “Prince of the Circus”? The spectator will get the answer to this question after watching the new program. In the play “Prince of the Circus”, everyone can become not just a spectator, but also a participant in the St. Petersburg social event and choose their favorite, plunge into the world of high rules of succession and delicate monarchical foundations.

Watch, admire and feel inspired...

Schedule for Circus show “Prince of the Circus” 2020

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