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Opera "Don Pasquale". Opera buffa in three acts (concert performance)
World famous Mariinsky Ballet and Opera - established 1783

Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Schedule for "Don Pasquale". Opera buffa in three acts (concert performance) 2022

Orchestra: Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra

opera buffa in three acts (concert performance)

Music: Gaetano Donizetti
Libretto: Giovanni Ruffini and the composer after Pavesi`s Ser Marc? Antonio

Performed in Italian

Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes
The Performance has one intermission



Scene 1
Don Pasquale impatiently awaits his friend and doctor, determined to disinherit his nephew Ernesto, who to his uncle?s displeasure has fallen in love with the widow Norina. Pasquale wishes to consult Dr Malatesta about undertaking a marriage himself and siring some more direct heirs. When Malatesta appears, he informs Pasquale that he knows of the perfect bride for him (’Bella siccomeun angelo?), who he claims is none other than his own sister, though he intends to employ his cousin Norina as the supposed bride. Pasquale confronts his nephew about his refusal to marry the woman he approves of, ordering his nephew out of the house and announcing his own impending marriage ("Prender moglie!"). Realising that his own hopes of marrying Norina are ruined ("Sogno soave e casto"), Ernesto discovers that his uncle has consulted Dr Malatesta about this implausible project; he is astounded when he learns that the doctor has already given his whole-hearted approval.

Scene 1
Norina reads a tale of chivalric love, laughing over its absurdity and expressing her conviction that real femininity is far more persuasive ("So anch?io virto magica"). Dr Malatesta comes to see Norina to enlist her assistance in his plan to bring Pasquale to his senses. She is to pretend to be his sister "Sofronia", fresh from a convent, and they agree on the details of the impersonation ("Pronta io son").


The disillusioned Ernesto has made his preparations to depart ("Cerchero lontana terra"). In a fever of impatience, Pasquale awaits the bride. The doctor leads in a demure young lady wearing a veil, a spectacle that titillates the susceptible Pasquale ("Sta a vedere"). "Sofronia" is upset to find herself in a room with a strange man, and on being questioned, she admits to sewing as her only pastime. Malatesta produces a notary (in reality his nephew Carlino) and a wedding contract is drawn up with Pasquale endowing his bride with half his worldly goods. This arrangement is barely concluded when Ernesto appears to bid his uncle farewell; he is dismayed by Norina?s apparent infidelity. No sooner is the contract signed than "Sofronia?s" character completely changes, and she appoints Ernesto her cavaliere servante. When Pasquale objects, she insists on having her way. The old man is stunned by this turn of events ("E rimasto la impietrato"). She demands more servants, carriages, and other extravagances, leaving Pasquale close to apoplexy.


Scene 1
Don Pasquale is dismayed at the accumulation of bills run up by his bride. She appears in evening dress, announcing she is going to the theatre. Don Pasquale forbids her, but Norina awards him with a slap in the face and leaves. From a note she has dropped, Don Pasquale discovers his wife has planned an assignation with a lover in the garden. The old man complains bitterly of his fate to the doctor who has come to visit, asking him to help catch the lovers in flagrante delicto.

Scene 2
In the garden of Don Pasquale?s house. The old man thought he would catch Norina and her lover here, but Ernesto has already gone and Norina declares that no-one besides her was in the garden. Yet again, a storm is about to break, but Malatesta intervenes and proposes that the old man and his peevish and unfaithful wife divorce. Having learned his lesson from Norina, Don Pasquale is prepared to forget about marriage forever and willingly reverts to his bachelorhood. Malatesta then lays open the secret of his fleeting marriage. The happy Don Pasquale gives his blessing to Ernesto and Norina.

Schedule for "Don Pasquale". Opera buffa in three acts (concert performance) 2022

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