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St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre (Tachkin Ballet)

SCHEDULE for St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre (Tachkin Ballet) 2017/2018

The theatre was founded in 1994 Konstantin Tachkin and represents the theatre of classical ballet. It is a unique private theatre, developing the traditions of Russian classical ballet and in able to complete with the famous state theatres.
The theatre dancers - are certificated specialists of the famous Vaganova Academy of Russian ballet.
The theatre cooperates with leading Russian decoration and costume designers: Vycheslav Okunev ("Giselle", "Don Quixote"), G.Soloviev and S.Pastuch (" Swan lake", "The Nutcracker", "Gala - concert of classical ballet", "Diamonds", "The Sleeping Beauty".
The theatre repertoire includes such masterpieces of the world ballet as: "Giselle"(the premiere was on 31 December, 1994), "Don Quixote"(the premiere - 3 March 1996),"The Swan Lake" (the premiere - 26 May 1997), "The Nutcracker" (the premiere - 6 February 1999), "Gala-concert of classical ballet" (the premiere - 7 October 1999), "Diamonds" (the premiere - 7 October 1999), "The Sleeping Beauty". All mentioned ballets were staged according to rules of classical choreography. Theatre performances are accompanied by orchestra.
The Theatre dancers are certificated specialists of the famous Vaganov Academy of Russian Ballet, each of them is talanted and unique.
In Tachkin Ballet Theatre there are 64 professional dancers who studied at famous masters of Russian ballet art, former soloists of Mariinsky Theatre: Yriy Gumba (Honoured Actor of Russia, prize-winner of international competition); Svetlana Efremova (Honoured Actress of Russia, prize-winner of international competition), Irina Kovaleva, Georgy Dzevulsky, Eduard Michasev.
The theatre tours were successful at Spain, Holland, Ireland and Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Republic.

The dancers of the theatre are the graduates of the famous Ballet Academy of Vaganova, each of them represents a talented choreographic personality. It give the theatre the extraordinary professional character.

Prima Ballerina Irina Kolesnikova

The repertoire of the theatre includes such masterpieces of the world famous choreography as :
«Giselle» by A. Adam (first night Dec 31, 1994),
«Don Quixote» by L. Minkus (first night March 3, 1996),
«Swan lake» by P. Tchaikovsky (first night May 26, 1997),
«The Nutcracker» by P. Tchaikovsky (first night Feb 6, 1999),
«Classical Ballet Gala» (first night Oct 7, 1999),
«Diamond» by K. Jenkins (first night Oct 7, 1999),
«Sleeping Beauty» by P. Tchaikovsky.

All mentioned performances are based on classical choreography and on original music versions. Usually the theatre performs with orchestra accompaniment but it is also possible to perform with taped music. During its existence the theatre has performed successfully in United Arabian Emirates, Spain, Holland, Ireland, Great Britain, Belgium , Germany, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The company have 64 professional dancers who are trained by the famous masters of Russian ballet art, in the past - the soloists of Mariinsky Theatre ( Kirov ballet ) :
Yury Gumba, the honoured Artist of Russia, international prize winner,
Svetlana Efremova, the honoured Artist of Russia , international prize winner,
Irina Kovaleva,
Georgi Dzevulski and
Eduard Mikhasev.

The Theatre collaborate with the leading Russian sets and costumes designers:
Viacheslav Okunev («Giselle», «Don Quixote» ),
Galina Solovieva and Simon Pastukh
( «Swan lake», «Nutcracker», «Classical ballet Gala», «Diamond», «Sleeping Beauty»).

Some reviews (click here to view all reviews):

« they look young, pleasing and well - trained.They are a company with style, brought up to make the most of the traditional choreography that still works so well on the Russian stage, and we are lucky to have them.. Classical ballet seems alive and well in their competent hands » (The Sunday Telegraph 12.04.1998 )

«The female corps de ballet in the lakeside swan scenes exudes a mesmeric magic, transcendently beautiful, with a vulnerability to blow away in a breath...» ( Eastern Daily Press 14.04.1998 Norwich )

«What really counts is the powerful sensation, from the opening curtain, that we are drinking from classical ballet’s very source.» ( Evening Press 22.04.1998 York )  

Passage Ballet Theatre. Click to enlarge  Passage Ballet Theatre

Passage Ballet Theatre. Click to enlarge   Passage Ballet Theatre. Click to enlarge

St. Petersburg Ballet theatre hall plan

Passage Ballet Theatre hall plan 

Passage Ballet Theatre Hall. Click to enlarge 

Dress Code for St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre

There is no strict dress code for the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre. Casual dress is accepted, for example you can wear jeans if you want. The only dress that are not allowed are shorts and T-shirts.

Address: Italyanskaya str. 19 , see map

SCHEDULE for St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre (Tachkin Ballet) 2017/2018

Complete schedule of all St. Petersburg theatres 2017/2018

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